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Use our dementia signage and communication aids to encourage individual choice and control.

We understand that choice and control; autonomy and personal decision-making are the defining aspects of dignity. When language is a problem it can make it difficult for people with dementia to feel like they are in control and this can lead to feelings of isolation and frustration. That's why we offer a range of dementia signage and communication aids designed simply to help people with dementia communicate with carers and navigate their homes.

Our bold signage and clear communication aids can be used to help to alleviate any negative feelings and help to maintain a person's sense of independence - from getting dressed and cleaning teeth to choosing what to have for lunch, using our books and signage can help reduce misunderstandings by removing language as a barrier, letting the  pictures do the talking.

Key Benefits

  • Encourages choice and control
  • Helps restore a sense of personal identity
  • Helps to improve communication


The signage produced an immediate benefit on our residents, making them much more independent. Worth every penny!

Lynn Sansome, Beechwood Care Home

The book is clear, bright and can be wiped clean which is extremely useful in our environment. I would recommend this book to anybody who works with people with communication problems.

Jo Badby, Willow Court

The vca signs help visitors with dementia path find around the centre. With the vca signs in place, the visitors know what to expect behind each door.

Tracy Stanley, Alzheimer’s Society

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